Cisco CCNA Salary Report & Comparison

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is an entry-level certificate for those entering the IT computer networking field. Obtaining the CCNA is a great way to jump-start an IT career. The certificate will open the door to higher income, more job security, a wider job market, and the ability to work in a rewarding position (and a cool job title).

As you will see below, the salary boost from obtaining a CCNA certification is substantial. CCNA salary levels vary by region, experience, and degree. But even those who live outside of a tech hub, with little experience and no degree, are able to start a networking career after obtaining their CCNA.


Average CCNA Salaries

According to, the average salary for the Cisco CCNA in the US is between $78,000 and $82,000. Using, one can see the average salary for positions that generally require at least the level of knowledge that the CCNA provides. These range from:

  • Network Engineer – Google – $107,534
  • Network Consulting Engineer – Cisco Systems – $106,296
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator – Patni Computer Systems – $57,329
  • Network Engineer – Mahindra Satyam – $64,656
  • Network Administrator – Oracle – $63,169 has the average CCNA salary at a lower scale of $68,000. This is well above the median per capita income of $28,051 and the median household income of $53,046 that the US census reports. Clearly, if you are able to get your foot in the door into a networking career, you will be a big step above most Americans.


CCNA Salary by Region

Country-wide averages are one thing, but regional salaries are more accurate. The cost of living varies by region, as does the salary range. The following graph shows CCNA salary results from, organized by US states. As you can see, the top three states are New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Being CCNA certified will pay off big time in those areas. Hawaii, Idaho, and Nebraska are at the bottom of the list.

Cisco CCNA Salary by state


CCNA Salary by City

We can look at income by city by breaking down the regional CCNA salary data even more. Here are some of the largest cities in the USA and how much CCNA job listings pay on average.

CCNA Salary by City

Clearly, Silicon Valley is at the top of the list, with both San Jose and San Francisco being in the top three. Phoenix is at the bottom of this list, where individuals make less than $70,000 a year on average.


Entry Level CCNA Salary

For many, the desire to obtain a Cisco certificate involves entering the IT field. Fresh graduates in the Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar degree and career shifters pursue certifications to gain leverage. The technology field is a unique place because, many times, a bachelor’s degree is not required. Employers look for knowledge of technology, and vendor certificates are the best way to prove this knowledge. Entry-level jobs provide the hands-on experience needed to complement a certificate and offer advancement opportunities.

The CCNA is clearly a certificate worth having. It is one of the best steps to gain rewarding and high-paying job roles. One of the first things to do when preparing for the CCNA certification exam is to learn network fundamentals, including IP services, how to subnet, and the CCNA commands.

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